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This book takes the reader on a tour of African Americans Historical Markers in the city of Charleston, SC. Many sites where Free Blacks lived, worked, went to school, and owned businesses during slavery and reconstruction have disappeared, others have been repurposed or remodeled into something unrecognizable. Some of the sites are marked with historical markers and many have disappeared without a trace. Charleston is a city where hundreds of thousands of visitors visit each year to enjoy its rich history of beautiful homes and gardens that were built by enslaved Africans and African Americans and to learn about the history of slavery in this city. This city has a rich Gullah-Geechee culture.


This author grew up in this culture and is passionate about sharing her history. Between these pages you will find markers of African and African American homes, schools, churches and businesses. This book takes you on a tour of those sites. Most are in the city of Charleston but some significant markers from nearby cities have been included. It gives you a glimpse of Black History at a time when Blacks had no history. This is a book with all of the markers in one place by streets making it easy for you to plan your visit. You can use it as an educational tool or a guide.


As you visit the markers, think of the dearly departed and pause for a moment to celebrate their lives and reminisce about their history and perseverance.  Living through the pain of slavery and Jim Crow laws to obtain home ownership, educate themselves, and start their own businesses was a huge challenge, but they made it and many were extremely successful in business, politics and many occupations. I hope this book makes your visit a bit easier and more enjoyable.

A Guide to Charleston's African American Historical Markers

  • Paperback Cover

    6" x 9" Dimensions

    Black and White Pages

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